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В современных украинских казино нет проблем с выбором развлечениями. Здесь вы имеете право выбрать все, от простых классических игровых автоматов до современных слотов с нереальной графикой и темой. Можно играть в многие из разновидностей настольных игр (рулетка, покер, баккара, блэкджек) или посетить часть живого казино. Последние, к слову, предлагает опыт настоящего казино прямо в компьютере или телефоне азартного участника. Таким образом, нет необходимости ехать в Киев или Одессу, чтобы поиграть в свои захватывающие механические аппараты. Просто загрузите одно из защищённых казино, войдите в категорию «лайв» и начните ставить ставки с настоящим дилером прямо у себя в гостиной.

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SOS! I'm introverted.

I'm shy.

Sales just isn't for me.

Trust me - I get you. I've been there. I went from being a kid too afraid to ask a waiter for a refill, to a professional salesperson able to ask for - and close - the big deals. It's possible for ALL of us!
I'm a bona fide introvert who managed to 20X my territory into a multi-million dollar effort. And I've learned how to do it OUR way.

What is Sales for Introverts?

Sales for Introverts is an online, half day course tailored for busy salespeople who want to make themselves better. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new or a 30 year veteran.
The course came about after years of experience working
in a loud, active, extroverted world. The problem? I’m an
introvert, and those things don’t come naturally to me.
And I definitely don’t care to pretend like I’m extroverted.
I knew that when I started a sales job that I was getting out of my comfort zone, but as I became more successful, I realized that not only could
an introvert survive in sales, we could excel.  I love to write, so I started jotting ideas down.  Soon enough, it developed into trainings that I
could help others with.  And then, a passion grew to try to help other kindred spirits.

I’ve taken what took me years to figure out and distilled it down into a concise, impactful course.  Want to save yourself that trouble and start feeling and performing better?  This course is for you.


Course Overview

  •  My Story and Your Story Too:  What led me to sales, and how I balanced it with my introversion.  Plus, I want to hear your story as well.
  • Investigating Common Myths:  Deep dives into common assumptions about the sales world and the roles that both extroverts and introverts play… and whether or not they are true. 
  • What is an Introvert? Examination of introverted traits as they play out in both business and personal lives. 
  • Basic Sales Theory & Practice Re-imagining and Re-setting the stage for daily success, with specific actions and mindset guidance.  Suitable for all experience levels.
  • Building Your Brand & Sales Techniques How to hone in certain skills and ideas to emphasize your introverted strengths to gain more business.  Includes examples from my own career. 
  • Adapting Your Introversion Plans to create your own authentic introverted space amongst an extrovert-friendly career choice in an extrovert-friendly culture. 

It Doesn't End There...

Sales for Introverts Podcast.

On the podcast I check in with other introverted sales people to get their thoughts, opinions, and methods for navigating their jobs.  I would call the tone “business casual” and I like to let my guard down some.  Curious? Come have a listen. 

Available on your favorite streaming platform.

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I like to call it “the place where you can meet your real co-workers,” a.k.a. your like-minded people.  Join, ask questions, observe, laugh, share, or do as you please. 

Introvert Kickstart

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